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Designed By An Officer For Officers

Countless Law Enforcement Officers are not carrying an on-duty backup gun because they cannot find a safe, comfortable, accessible place to carry it.  If this describes your dilemma, the Original Back Up Gun (BUG) Pocket vest holster, commonly known as the BUG Pocket, not only addresses all of those concerns, but others as well.  Specific to concealing your backup, our motto is, "UNLESS YOU TELL, NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW."

The BUG Pocket, which has been backing you up since 1994, was granted a United States Patent for its unique design.  It was designed by an active street cop from Los Angeles to meet the needs of any law enforcement officer wearing body armor.  Once you take the 10 seconds needed to attach the BUG Pocket to your vest carrier, your carrier and the BUG Pocket become one unit.  No forgetting your holster, no daily mounting, no adjusting, and no concerns about accessing your weapon.  And when it's time to wash your carrier, you can choose to wash and dry the BUG Pocket along with your carrier or simply remove it and remount it in seconds.  

Furthermore, every BUG Pocket sold includes, at no additional cost, a ballistic fragmentation plate tested and specifically designed for the BUG Pocket. The fragmentation plate is an officer safety feature no other back up gun holster on the market offers.  It sits in front of your holstered weapon and is designed to capture ricochets and bullet fragments should a round strike your holstered weapon.  Not only is the inclusion of the ballistic fragmentation plate a significant savings, it demonstrates our commitment to providing a product that is safe, practical, affordable and manufactured in the good 'ol USA with good 'ol USA guaranteed quality.  Please refer to our extended guarantees on  Meet The BUG Pocket page.

Patented Design for:

  • Comfort
  • Security
  • Safety (Ballistic Frag Plate Included)
  • Concealment
  • Designed with "Grip and Rip" strap for assured quick access

  • Left or right hand draw
  • Male or Female use
  • Secure Attachment in seconds
  • Durability Made in the USA with highest quality materials

Staying safe with the BUG Pocket
-(www.PoliceOne.com) article

BUG Pocket Survival Stories

Freeway shootout: BUGPOCKET to the rescue
- (www.PoliceMag.com) article

CHP officer used BUGPOCKET in fatal shooting
- LompocRecord.com Report

Partial list of agencies testing/approving the Original BUG Pocket
Fargo North Dakota PD, Inglewood CA PD, Des Moines IA PD, Colorado Springs PD, and Austin TX PD, Fargo Police Department, Los Angeles Police Dept, Los Angeles Co. Sheriff's Dept, California Hwy Patrol, Kern Co. Probation Dept, Orange Co. Sheriff's Dept and Cincinnati Police Dept. It has also been featured and endorsed in previous Calibre Press Street Survival seminars, Handgunner Magazine and Policeone.com.
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